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Date: December 29, 2016
Hosted by: Kim Sung-joo, Jun Hyun-moo and Lee Sung-kyung
Network: MBC


This year’s MBC Entertainment Awards will air on December 29 and will be hosted by Kim Sung-joo, Jun Hyun-moo and Lee Sung-kyung. The ceremony was televised live on MBC.

The night’s biggest prize (the Grand Award) went to Yoo Jae Suk, with his hit show “Infinite Challenge” winning the live viewer vote for the Best Program Award. His fellow cast member Jung Joon Ha also took home the High Excellence Award for Variety, taking him out of the running for the Grand Award, along with comedienne Lee Guk Joo.

Winner Recap

Grand Prize/Daesang: Yoo Jae Suk
Rookie Award for Music and Talk Shows
: Shin Go Eun (“Section TV”) and Han Dong Geun (“Duet Song Festival”)
Rookie Award for Variety: Lee Si Young (“Real Men”) and Park Chan Ho (“Real Men”)
Rookie Award for Radio: Kangta (“Starry Night”) and Park Soo Hong (“It’s the Time of Radio”)
Excellence Award for Radio: Kim Shin Young (“Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope”) and Kim Hyun Chul (“Kim Hyun Chul’s Afternoon Discovery”)
High Excellence Award for Radio: Bae Chul Soo (“Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp”)
Screenwriter of the Year Award for Television: Lee Ae Young (“Real Men”)
Screenwriter of the Year Award for Radio: Park Geum Sun (“Women’s Time”)
PD Award (awarded by producing directors): Kim Gura (“Radio Star,” “King of Mask Singer,” “My Little Television”)
Best Teamwork Award: “King of Mask Singer” (PD No Si Yong)
Best Couple Award: Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar (“We Got Married”)
Special Award for Singers: Ha Hyun Woo
Special Award for Music and Talk Shows: Yoon Jong Shin (“Radio Star”)
Excellence Award for Music and Talk Shows: Solbi (“Real Men” and “Radio Star”), Yoo Young Suk (“King of Mask Singer”)
Excellence Award for Variety: Park Na Rae (“I Live Alone”), Heo Kyung Hwan (“Real Men”)
High Excellence Award for Variety: Lee Guk Joo (“I Live Alone,” “We Got Married”), Jung Joon Ha (“Infinite Challenge”)
High Excellence Award for Music and Talk Shows: Kim Sung Joo (“King of Mask Singer”)
Best Program of the Year Award: “Infinite Challenge”

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