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Movie: Hot Young Bloods
Revised romanization: Pikkeulneun Chungchoon
Hangul: 피끓는 청춘
Director: Lee Yeon-Woo
Writer: Lee Yeon-Woo
Producer: Kim Jin-Sub
Cinematographer: Lee Jung-In, Kim Dong-Chun
Release Date: January 23, 2014
Runtime: 121 min.
Genre: Period-1980 / Teen / Romance / Comedy
Distributor: Lotte Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

“Hot Young Bloods” is set within the early 1980’s in Heongseong, South Korea. The movie depicts the rivalries, friendships and secret crushes held by students at a high school in Heongseong.

Young-Sook (Park Bo-Young) is the feared leader of a female gang at the high school. Although she is known for her toughness, she has a secret crush on Joong-Gil (Lee Jong-Suk). Meanwhile, Joong-Gil is the school’s playboy. He attempts to woo all the girls at his high school except for Young-Sook. That’s because Gwang-Sik (Kim Young-Kwang), the feared leader of a rival school’s male gang, views Young-Sook as his woman.

A new female transfer student (Lee Se-Young) from Seoul arrives at their high school. She’s different from the other girls and beautiful. Joong-Gil falls for her instantly, while Young-Sook attempts to prevent the new girl from encroaching on her secret crush. Trouble also brews for Joong-Gil as Gwang-Sik becomes aware of Young-Sook stepping in between Joong-Gil and the new transfer student.

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