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Launcher 8 Pro (WP8 Style) v2.6.4 Patched Apk

Needs: Android 2.0+.

Launcher 8 is a fantastic app for you can reduce of imitation WP8/IOS 7 and also various other styles start screen, completely personalized, totally free Do It Yourself as well as more variety of exciting motifs.

Launcher 8 professional
More energy reliable, fluent as well as powerful useful.
Could release download and install all costs themes.
Comprehensive encounter all the features of the launcher 8.
Support horizontal/vertical screen Motifs. Promos:2.58 dollar, Pricing:5 dollar All revenue will be embeded study and also development, to make items better.
Weary of Android’s interface? Can you desire attempt a brand-new style start display? If you do, then wait no more!
Launcher 8 is a terrific application for you can relieve of replica WP8/IOS 7 and also various other styles begin screen, completely customized, totally free DIY and more selection of interesting styles.

Attributes Of Launcher 8 Pro Apk
You could bring in various size ceramic tiles;.
You could add a range of shade ceramic tile;.
You could save and also restore the theme;.
You can modify the beginning screen layout;.
You could establish the existing background style;.
You can switch over the application listing style.
You can add Android widgets in the floor tiles;.
You can establish the wp8 style lock screen and status bar;.
You could choose greater than one hundred kinds of style colours;.
You can bring in special functions ceramic tiles, like time, flashlight, images as well as call image.

What’s New
V 2.6.4 update:
Delete the icons that may against the content policy.
V 2.6.2 update:
– Improved the performer of the Launcher
– Fixed the bug that some Antivirus report the Launcher 8 as torjans
– Improved the software UI