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Movie: Linda Linda Linda
Japanese: リンダ リンダ リンダ
Director: Nobuhiro Yamashita
Writer: Kosuke Mukai, Wakako Miyashita, Nobuhiro Yamashita
Producer: Yuji Sadai
Cinematographer: Yoshihiro Ikeuchi
Release Date: July 23, 2005 (Japan)
Runtime: 114 min.
Genre: Drama / Teen / School / Music / Women
Distributor: Bitters End
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Sountrack: Linda Linda Linda


Only three days before their high school festival, guitarist Kei (Yu Kashii), drummer Kyoko (Aki Maeda), and bassist Nozumi (Shiori Sekine) are forced to recruit a new lead vocalist for their band. They choose Korean exchange student Son (Bae Doo-Na), though her comprehension of Japanese is a bit rough! It’s a race against time as the group struggles to learn three tunes for the festival’s rock concert—including a classic ’80s punk-pop song by the Japanese group The Blue Hearts called “Linda Linda”…


  1. The script for “Linda Linda Linda” won the Angel Award (scriptwriting competition) in Japan, which got the attention of the film’s producer Hiroyuki Negishi, who in turn passed it on to the movie’s director Nobuhiro Yamashita.
  2. Nobuhiro Yamashita then added the twist of a Korean exchange student, unfamiliar with the Blue Hearts.
  3. Real life Japanese punk band The Blue Hearts’ originally composed/performed “Linda Linda” that is played in the movie.
  4. The brother of the singer from “The Blue Hearts” plays the girls’ teacher in “Linda Linda Lina”.
  5. ex-Smashing Pumpkins guitarist James Iha composed the instrumental tracks in “Linda Linda Linda”.
  6. The fictious band’s name “Paran Maum” in the movie is the Korean word for “Blue Hearts”.
  7. Shiori Sekine, who played the bassist in the movie, plays bass for rock band “Base Ball Bear”.
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Bae Doo-NaYu KashiiAki MaedaShiori Sekine
SongKei TachibanaKyoko YamadaNozomi Shirakawa

Supporting Cast:

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