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Movie: Love Phobia
Revised romanization: Domabaem
Hangul: 도마뱀
Director: Kang Ji-Eun
Writer: Hwang In-Ho, Baek Sang-Yeol
Producer: Jung Seung-Hye
Cinematographer: Kim Yong-Heung
Release Date: April 5, 2006
Runtime: 117 min.
Genre: Melodrama / Romance / Tearjerker
Distributor: Cinema Service
Production Budget: US$ 3M
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

One day, a young girl named A-Ri (Byeon Ju-Yeon) appears at her new school wearing a yellow raincoat, even though it is a sunny day. Due to various incidents, all of A-Ri’s classmates are frightened of her except for Jo-Kang (Park Geon-Tae). Jo-Kang develops a crush on A-Ri due to her quirky nature and cute appearance. But, just as they get closer, A-Ri disappears.

Ten years later and now in high school, Jo-Kang (Cho Seung-Woo) receives a phone call from A-Ri (Kang Hye-Jung). Jo-Kang then goes to meet A-Ri who is now living at a Buddhist temple. She tells Jo-Kang about the ghosts that visits her and she also teaches Jo-Kang English. He soon falls deeper in love with A-Ri and they share their first kiss together. But, just like ten years earlier, A-Ri then suddenly disappears.

Five years later, A-Ri and Jo-Kang meet again, but A-Ri informs Jo-Kang that she is leaving for America the next day. Jo-Kang drops A-Ri off at the airport the next day, but they soon meet again in the most unexpected of places.


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