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Movie: My Sassy Girl
Revised Romanization: Yeopgijeogin Geunyeo
Hangul: 엽기적인 그녀
Director: Kwak Jae-Young
Writer: Kim Ho-Sik (novel), Kwak Jae-Young
Producer: Shin Chul, Park Geon-Seob
Cinematographer: Kim Sung-Bok
Release Date: July 27, 2001
Runtime : 123 min.
Genre: Romantic-Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean

Gyun-Woo (Cha Tae-Hyun) is a college student, more interested in picking up girls, drinking with his buddies and avoiding his nagging mother whenever possible. While riding the subway, a drunken girl (Gianna Jun) then changes his fate forever. She’s nearly unconscious on the train and vomits on an older guy. She then leans over to Gyun-Woo and everybody assumes she is his girlfriend! Gyun-Woo soon finds himself in a relationship he didn’t ask for, but soon unable to forget this sassy girl.

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