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Drama: Spring Waltz
Revised romanization: Bomui Walcheu
Hangul: 봄의 왈츠
Director: Yoon Seok-Ho
Writer: Kim Ji-Yeon, Hwang Da-Eun
Producer: Lee Jae-Sang
Network: KBS2
Episodes: 20
Release Date: March 6 – May 16, 2006
Runtime: Mon. & Tues. 21:55
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Jae-Ha (Seo Do-Yeong) is a wealthy young man who lives an honorable life as a gifted pianist. As a child, however, Jae-Ha lived with his father who was a conman and endured a miserable childhood. His foster mother Hyun Ji-Sook (Geum Bo-Ra) then raised him because she lost her own son.

Eun-Young (Han Hyo-Joo) lived on the island of Chungsan with her mom happily. Darkness came when Jong-Tae (Lee Han-Wi) and his son Soo-Ho appeared. The man stole money from Eun-Youn’s mother, which was set aside for Eun-Young’s surgery. When Eun-Young’s mother travels to Seoul to look for Jong-Tae she dies in a accident. At the hospital where Eun-Young is hospitalized, she has no money to have surgery. At this time, Jae-Ha’s foster mother Hyun Ji-Sook was there, due to her inability to deal with her own son’s death. Her diplomat husband Yoon Myung-Hoon (Jeong Dong-Hwan) asks Soo-Ho to become their son. If he would do so they would pay for Eun-Young’s surgery. Soo-Ho now becomes their son Jae-Ha (the name of their deceased son) and leaves for Austria. Meanwhile, Eun-Young successfully receives her surgery. Eun-Young grows up with a new family. She now makes accessories and she sells it on the streets.

One day, Eun-Young wins an exhibition contest and, as a prize, travels to Austria. There she meets Jae-Ha and his friends Phillip (Daniel Henney) and Lee-Na (Lee So-Yeon). When Jae-Ha and Eun-Young first meet they don’t like each other much, but slowly get attracted to each other. Jae-Ha then makes the shocking discovery that Eun-Young is the girl he met in the past and his dad killed Eun-Young’s mother. Jae-Ha tries to hide this from Eun-Young, but she finds out anway. They then separate.

Jae-Ha reveals his dark past at a press conference and leaves for abroad.

Eun-Young tries to forget Jae-Ha and live her life. She goes back to Austria. There, Jae-Ha appears again …


Episode 01
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Episode 02
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Episode 03
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Episode 04
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Episode 05
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Episode 06
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Episode 07
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Episode 08
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Episode 09
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Episode 10
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Episode 11
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Episode 12
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Episode 13
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Episode 14
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Episode 15
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Episode 16
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Episode 17
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Episode 18
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Episode 19
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Episode 20 END
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