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Movie: Strawberry Shortcakes
Romaji: Sutoroberii Shooto Keikusu
Japanese: ストロベリーショートケイクス
Director: Hitoshi Yazaki
Writer: Kiriko Nananan (manga), Kyoko Inukai(screenplay)
Producer: Takashi Asai
Cinematographer: Isao Ishii
Release Date: September 23, 2006
Runtime: 127 min.
Genre: Drama / Women / Romance
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Four ladies struggle to find happiness in the capital city of Tokyo :

Satoko: Works as a receptionist at escort service “Heavan’s Gate.” At home, she often prays to God to find a boy that will love her.

Akiyo: Works at escort service “Heavan’s Gate” as a prostitute. She saves her money in order to eventually buy a condo situated on the 5th floor or higher. Once she gets old & senile, she plans to jump out of her apartment to her death.

Chihiro: Works in a low level office position. When her roommate, Toku, asks if there is a God, she replies “God would be something like a boyfriend. Buys me whatever I want and makes possible all my wishes.”

Toku: Works obsessively as an animator, suffers from bulimia.


  1. Based on the manga “Strawberry Shortcakes” by Kiriko Nananan. Kiriko Nanananalso appears in the movie “Strawberry Shortcakes,” playing character Toko.


Strawberry-Shortcakes-Chizuru Ikewaki.jpgStrawberry-Shortcakes-Noriko Nakagoshi.jpgStrawberry-Shortcakes-Yuko Nakamura.jpgStrawberry-Shortcakes-Kiriko Nananan.jpgStrawberry-Shortcakes-Ryo Kase.jpg
Chizuru IkewakiNoriko NakagoshiYuko NakamuraKiriko NanananRyo Kase

Additional Cast Members: