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  • Drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Revised romanization: Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Hangul: 성균관 스캔들
  • Director: Kim Won-Suk, Hwang In-Hyuk
  • Writer: Kim Tae-Hee, Jeong Eung-Wol
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: August 30 – November 2, 2010
  • Runtime: Mondays and Tuesdays 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Set during the Joseon Dynasty, “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” centers around 4 young handsome students who study at Sungkyunkwan University and tells the story of their love and friendships.

Kim Yun-Hee (Park Min-Young) is a smart, responsible young woman with an independent drive. Since her father passed away she has worked to support her family, but also managed to do well in her studies. One day, Kim Yun-Hee takes the place of her brother and disguises herself as a man to take a men’s only national exam. On the day of the exam, Kim Yun-Hee meets Lee Seon-Joon (Micky Yoochun) and becomes friends. Lee Seon-Joon comes from a privileged background and also possesses good looks. He is also arrogant. They both pass the national exam and even share a room together at Sungkyunkwan University.

At Sungkyunkwan University, Ku Yong-Ha (Song Jong-Ki) is good with singing, drinking, and also popular with the ladies. Ku Yong-Ha discovers that Kim Yun-Hee is a woman. For fun, Ku Yong-Ha does not reveal her secret and observes her through the school. Soon enough, Ku Yong-Ha starts to develop feeings for Kim Yun-Hee.

Moon Jae-Sin (Yoo Ah-In) is a guy with troubles at Sungkyunkwan. An impulsive person, Moon Jae-Sin tends to act before thinking. He hates his father who is a politician and his opportunistic ways. He comes to Sungkyunwan to get even with his dad. Moon Jae-Sin also discovers Kim Yun-Hee’s secret. He attempts to protect her, while wanting to spend the rest of his life with her …


  1. “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” takes over the KBS2 Mon. & Tues. 21:55 time slot previously occupied by “Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho” and will be replaced by “Marry Me, Mary!” on November 8, 2010.
  2. Broadcast right were sold to japan for the high amount of 2.7 billion Won (approx. $2.4 million USD).[1]


Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Micky Yoochun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Min-Young.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Song Jong-Ki.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Yu Ah-In.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Seo Hyo-Lim.jpg
Park Yoo-Chun Park Min-Young Song Joong-Ki Yoo Ah-In Seo Hyo-Lim
Lee Seon-Joon Kim Yun-Hee Ku Yong-Ha Moon Jae-Sin Ha Hyo-Eun
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jeon Tae-Su.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kang Sung-Pil .jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Dong-Yun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ahn Nae-Sang.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Cho Sung-Ha.jpg
Jeon Tae-Soo Kang Sung-Pil Ji Nam-Hyuk Ahn Nae-Sang Cho Seong-Ha
Ha In-Soo Lim Byeong-Choon Seol Ko-Bong Jung Yak-Yong Jung Jo
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Han Yeon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Dong-Bin.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ryu Dam.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Kwang-Kyu.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Lim Yoon-Jung.jpg
Han Yeon Park Dong-Bin Ryu Dam Kim Kwang-Kyu Im Yoon-Jung
Kim Yoon-Sik Byeong Pan’s servant Seon-Joon’s servant Mr. Hwang Ang Ang
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Lee Jae-Yong.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jung Hye-Mi.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Choi Dong-Joon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Hwang Chan-Woo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Im Young-Pil.jpg
Lee Jae-Yong Jung Hye-Mi Choi Dong-Joon Hwang Chan-Woo Im Young-Pil
Ha Woo-Kyu Sum Sum Moon Geun-Soo Bae Hae-Won Ham Choon-Ho
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Jang Se-Hyun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Joo Ah-Sung.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Ha-Kyun.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Jung-Kyoon.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Kap-Su.jpg
Jang Se-Hyun Joo Ah-Sung Kim Ha-Kyun Kim Jung-Kyoon Kim Kap-Su
Kim Woo-Tak Nam Myung-Shik Choi Shin-Mook Ahn Do-Hyun Lee Jung-Moo
Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Mi-Kyeong.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Min-Seo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Kim Young-Bae.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Park Geun-Soo.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Ryu Dam.jpg Sungkyunkwan Scandal-Sung Hyun Joo.jpg
Kim Mi-Kyeong Kim Min-Seo Kim Young-Bae Park Geun-Soo Ryu Dam Sung Hyun-Joo
Mrs. Jo Cho-Sun Go Jang-Bok Yoo Chang-Ik Soon-Dol Beo-Deul

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