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  • Drama: Swallow the Sun
  • Revised romanization: Taeyangeul Samkyeora
  • Hangul: 태양을 삼켜라
  • Director: Cheol-yong Yu
  • Writer: Wan-kyu Choi
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: July 9 – September 2009
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


“Swallow the Sun” revolves around three young people in Jeju Island and how they develop Seogwipo, Jeju into a world city.

Jeong-woo Kim (Ji Seong) is the illegitimate child of a gangster father and a haenyeo (a traditional freediver) mother. He was raised in an orphanage and soon developed a rebellious temperament. Jeong-woo, an orphaned child, grows up on the rough side of the streets, and becomes a small-time hoodlum. When he saves the life of the rich and powerful president of a large corporation, it becomes his ticket to a better life. The chairman send him to Seoul to look after his son, Tae-hyeok.

Su-hyeon Lee (Seong Yu-Ri) has a strong will and is focused on achieving her goals. She overcame many unfortunate situations in her life to first study overseas and then become the organizer for a world famous performance team.

Tae-hyeok (Lee Wan) was raised without ever knowing his father. After he entered adulthood, Tae-hyeok meets Min-ho Jeong, a wealthy businessman, who claims to be his father. This changes Tae-hyeok’s life entirely as he now works to excel in business management.

Tae-hyeok (Lee Wan) only wants one thing from him – to help him win the heart of the woman named Su-hyeon. Jeong-woo will do anything to win favor with the President’s family, unfortunately, the woman Tae Kyuk loves turns out to be Jeong-woo’s first love. Soo Hyuk, who doesn’t remember Jeong-woo, finds herself gradually drawn to him as he pursues her under his master’s name.

After learning the devastating truth of his father’s true identity, Jeong-woo is set on a whirlwind of a quest involving crime, love and revenge, taking him from the glittering lights of Vegas to the diamond mines of Africa.

Shot everywhere from Las Vegas to Jeju Island, Swallow the Sun is the first k-drama to shoot in Africa, as well as impressively shot with Cirque du Soleil in its quest to bring the Kang Chul-Hwa novel vividly to life.

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  1. All scenes shot in Korea took place on Jeju Island, while overseas scenes were filmed in Johannesburg, South Africa and Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  2. A shooting site of 6,417 square meters was especially constructed in Seoguipo, Jeju for this drama.
  3. Canadian circus troupe “Cirque du Soleil” appears in the drama. The circus troupe appeared without any royalties, as they consider Korea a potential market. [1]
  4. Director Cheol-yong Yu, screenwriter Wan-kyu Choi, and actor Ji Seong previously worked together in the 2003 SBS drama “All In,” which was also filmed on Jeju Island.
  5. Four crew members were diagnosed with the human swine flu virus after flying in from the U.S. in early July, 2009. One crew member tested positive on July 2nd and three more crew members were diagnosed & quarantined on July 6th, 2009. Because of this the premiere date was pushed back a day to June 9th, 2009. [2]


Swallow the Sun-Ji Sung.jpgSwallow the Sun-Sung Yu-Ri.jpgSwallow the Sun-Lee Wan.jpgSwallow the Sun-Jeon Kwang-Leol.jpgSwallow the Sun-Yu Oh-Seong.jpg
Ji SungSung Yu-RiLee WanJeon Kwang-LeolYu Oh-Seong
Kim Jeong-wooLee Su-hyeonJang Tae-hyeokJang Min-hoLee Jackson
Swallow the Sun-So E-Hyun.jpgHan Ji-YeonSwallow the Sun-Kim Yong-geon.jpgSwallow the Sun-Moon Chang-Kil.jpgSwallow the Sun-Park Hyun-Jin.jpg
So E-HyunHan Ji-YeonKim Yong-geonMoon Chang-KilPark Hyun-Jin
Yoo Mi-RanHan Seon-yeongYu Kang-hyeonMoon Seong-CheolAmy
Swallow the Sun-Jo Sang-Gu.jpgLee Jae-YongSwallow the Sun-Choi Ran.jpgSwallow the Sun-Kim Byeong-Se.jpgSwallow the Sun-Kim Jeong-Tae.jpg
Jo Sang-GuLee Jae-YongChoi RanKim Byeong-SeKim Jung-Tae
Jo Chi-kukHyeon Ki-sangChoi In-sukTonyHan Seok-tae
Swallow the Sun-Ma Dong-Seok.jpgSwallow the Sun-Yeo Ho-Min.jpgSwallow the Sun-Jeong Ho-Bin.jpgSwallow the Sun-Park Sae-Rom.jpgSwallow the Sun-Hong Seok-Cheon.jpg
Ma Dong-SeokYeo Ho-MinJung Ho-BinKim Sae-RomHong Seok-Cheon
Lee Kang-raeJang Se-dolBaek Sil-jangHa Sang-miJimmy

Additional Cast Members: