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There’s a rumour that a girl is haunting a girl school in South Korea and just when the rumours have started to cool off a teacher commits suicide. Everything seems really suspicious and more people start disappearing from the school. The students are freaking out and so are the teachers, will anyone be able to solve this mystery which is going on in their school, or will they all disappear?


  1. The “Whispering Corridors” series (Korean title “Yeogo Goedam” = “Girl’s High School”) uses an all girl’s high school as the backdrop for each of its films.
  2. Characters, setting, and stories are different for each of the films released under the “Whispering Corridors” title.
  3. Related titles
    1. Whispering Corridors | Yeogo Goedam (1998)
    2. Memento Mori | Yeogo Goedam Dubeojjae Iyagi (1999)
    3. Wishing Stairs | Yeogo Goedam Se Beonjjae Iyagi : Yeowoo Gyedan (2003)
    4. Voice | Yeogo Goedam 4: Moksori (2005)
    5. A Blood Pledge | Yeogo Goedam 5: Dongban Jasal (2009)


Whispering Corridors-Lee Mi-Yeon.jpgKim Gyu-RiWhispering Corridors-Choi Gang-Hee.jpgWhispering Corridors-Park Jin-Hee.jpgWhispering Corridors-Yoon Ji-Hye.jpg
Lee Mi-YeonKim Gyu-RiChoi Gang-HeePark Jin-HeeYoon Ji-Hye
Hur Eun-YoungLim Ji-OhYoon Jae-YiPark So-YoungKim Jung-Sook

Additional Cast Members:

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